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Eastern bengal and assam with a population of 31 million and the rest of bengal with a population of 54 million, of whom 18 million were bengalis and 36 million were biharis. Lord curzon was the viceroy of india from 1899 to 1905. The first part of a news item, which appeared in the amrita bazar patrika of 17 october 1905 entitled calcutta in mourninga unique sight, describing the situation in calcutta on 16 october 1905, the day bengal was partitioned, is given below. Partition of bengal1905 gk questions for exams psc. Which viceroy of india announced the partition of bengal. The partition of bengal 1905 from pages of history. The idea of partitioning bengal did not originate with curzon. Partition of bengal has generated a great deal of debate on the question of motive. On 20 july 1905, lord curzon issued an order dividing the province of bengal into two parts. Viceroy 18991905 convinced imperialist, believed in paternalistic, benevolent autocratic rule aggressively expanded indian borders up to chinese sinkiang in hindu kush, military expedition to tibet in 1904 ambitious irrigation projects in punjab. The partition of bengal separating the largely muslim eastern areas from the largely hindu western areas came into effect on. When lord george nathaniel curzon became viceroy of india on july 19, 1905, he formulated a policy that would make the country a homogeneous. Similarly incorporating chhota nagpur with the central provinces.

Download partition of bengal 1905 notes pdf from the link given below. If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box. The moslem chronicle, the central national muhamedan association, chowdhury kazemuddin ahmad siddiky and dilawar hossain abmed condemned the proposed measure. There were also additional proposals to separate chittagong and the districts of dhaka and mymensingh from bengal and attaching them to the province of assam. The presidency of bengal was the most populous province in british india. Partition of bengal, 1905, division of bengal carried out by the british viceroy in india, lord curzon, despite strong indian nationalist opposition. Around 1905, bengal had become the nerve centre of the indian nationalism. Partition of bengal 1905 followings are some important points to remember about partition of bengal which are often repeated in different exams in shape of mcqs. The partition of bengal in 1905 was made on october 16 by viceroy curzon. The new province of east bengal happened to be a muslim majority province, which the hindus and congress strongly resented. The following excerpts from the letter of february 2, 1905 curzon st.

The agitation had started months before the government formally announced the partition. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The partition of bengal 1905 essay sample new york essays. Form british perspective it was done to curb growing revolutionary activity in calcutta.

The partition of bengal 1905 study material exams daily. Partition of bengal, 1905 effected on 16 october during the viceroyalty of lord curzon 18991905, proved to be a momentous event in the history of modern bengal. Outside of the state of west bengal, the first partition of bengal in 1905 is today a largely forgotten chapter in indian history. While the partition split the province between west bengal, in which the majority was hindu, and the east, where the majority was muslim, the 1905 partition left considerable minorities of hindus in east bengal and muslims in west bengal. But it was not the first time that british india witnessed a partition. The partition created deep hatred that lingers sixtyfive years later. The line drawn by lord curzons government, however, cut through the heart of. Officially treated as a measure of administration, it became a big political issue. The first partition of bengal in 1905 brought that province to the brink of open rebellion. On 16 october 1905 bengal province was redistributed by the viceroy lord curzon, apparently for administrative efficiency. The partition of the indian subcontinent in 1947 saw the birth of india and pakistan in an unprecedented human tragedy. Whereas previous studies of the end of british rule in india have concentrated on the negotiations of the transfer of power at the allindia level or have considered the emergence of separatist politics amongst indias muslim minorities, this study provides a reevaluation of the history of bengal focusing on the political and social processes that led to the demand for partition in bengal and. The partition separated the largely muslim eastern areas from the largely hindu western areas on 16 october 1905 after being announced on 20 july 1905 by the. Partition of bengal in 1905 during the british rule in india is structured by lord curzon, the viceroy of india.

British newspapers repository project collection newspaper place of origin title creation dates scope and content related persons related places responsible for the good government of india, taken the smallest interest in the affairs of the indian empire, such an unconstitutional method would not have been. The dicision to split bengal came in july and by october 16, 1905, bengal had been divided into piston bengal and assam with a population of 31 million and the rest of bengal with a population of the 4 million of who 18 million were bengalis, a. Partition of bengal finding the bengal presidency too large for one governor to administer, in 1905, the british decided to redraw its boundaries and divide it into two parts. Bengal in those days was the biggest province of india extending over 1, 89, 000 square miles with a population of 80 million. The antipartition movement was initiated on august 7, 1905. Partition of bengal and the swadeshi movement himachal. Lord curzon during viceroyalty 18991905 of india chose out one of the several schemes for partition. John brodrick, secretary of state for india, give an idea of its objectives in the partition of bengal calcutta is the center from which the congress party is manipulated throughout bengal, and even the whole of india. The british recognized that bengal, with some 85 million people, was much too large for a single province and determined that it merited reorganization and intelligent division.

Make my exam powered by ibt institute 261,897 views 30. And, making congress weaker which was demanding more political representation. In july 1905, the government had shown intention of dividing bengal. Bengal, which included bihar and orissa since 1765, was admittedly much too large for a single province of british india. The history textbooks i studied in school contained no more than a passing reference to it, which is a shame given the significance of that chapter in the context of indias struggle for independence. What were the causes and effects of the partition of. Bengal was as large as france but with a significantly larger population. The provinces of bengal and assam were reconstituted to form two provinces of manageable sizewest bengal, with a population of 54 million 42 million hindus and 18.

It was said that the existing province of bengal was too big to be efficiently administered by a single provincial government. On that day, a massive demonstration against the partition was organised in kolkata. It began a transformation of the indian national congress from a middleclass pressure group into a nationwide mass movement. This article talks about the partition of bengal, 1905 and the causes, effects and outcomes of the partition. The conditions for the emergence of militant nationalism had developed when in 1905 the partition of bengal was announced. Partition of bengal 1905 important mcqs of pakistan. Partition of bengal ias abhiyan ii ias upsc exam preparation. Reaction and growth of sectarianism the partition movement was strongly opposed from the beginning by the bengali hindu middleclass, who felt it was a deliberate blow by the british against the. Eastern bengal and assam with a population of 31 million and the rest of bengal with a population of 54 million, of whom 18 million were bengalis and 36 million biharis and oriyas. Partition of bengal 1905 facts and general knowledge. The partition of bengal in 1905, was made on october 16, by then viceroy of india, lord curzon. It was comprising of bengal, behar and orissa and was under the.

The partition of bengal was duly affected on 16 october 1905. Swadeshi movement was one of the most momentous events in indian freedom struggle in history of india. Brief discussion about antipartition movement definition the partition of bengal led to a mighty upsurge which brought people and political leaders together. In 1905, the first partition in bengal was implemented as an administrative preference, making governing the two provinces, west and east bengal, easier. The partition of the bengal province came into effect during his viceroyalty on 16 th october 1905. The first partition of bengal was proposed in the year 1905 by the then viceroy of india, lord curzon. The bengali patriots carrying flags of united bengal and slogans of unity is strength marched through the streets of calcutta and they reached town hall. It stirred the first great movement of 20th century in india. Why did the people of west bengal oppose the partition of. The partition of bengal was the most crucial example of curzons contempt of educated public opinion.

This brought a mass agitation in bengal and through out india. Curzon decided the eastern region was neglected and undergoverned. Partition of bengal, 1905 effected on 16 october during the viceroyalty of lord curzon 1899 1905, proved to be a momentous event in the history of modern bengal. The partition of bengal was the most important event during the rule of lord curzon. In bengal, partition frustrated the plans and purposes of the very groups that had demanded it.

Bengal was partitioned in 1905 not for administrative. Part6 indian national movement bengal partition in 1905 duration. At the time of partition, total area of bengal was. Lord curzon announced the partition of bengal on 16 october 1905. They were jealous of the emergence of a muslim majority province. Partition of bengal 1905 is also known as banga vanga andolon in india.

The first bengal partition in 1905 the british decision to partition india was not a new idea. Muslim reaction to partition of bengal when the proposal for partition was first published in 1903 there was expression of muslim opposition to the scheme. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. One can count on dr asok mitra to say things that very few dare to say and most do not even notice or perceive. In the first decade of the twentieth century, the partition of bengal started to create the strong national movement of the extremists in india. Partition of bengal and swadeshi movement definition. With the partition of bengal, indian national movement entered its second stage. Lord curzon, the viceroy of india decided to partition bengal for administrative purposes, creating a new province of east bengal and assam, with a population of 31 million people and with its capital at dhaka. It was carried out mainly for the convenience of administration. East bengal, which was a part of pakistan until 1972, is currently the peoples republic of bangladesh. Access to society journal content varies across our titles. The partition of bengal was enforced in 1905 by viceroy lord curzon for administration purposes.

By splitting the province, an improved administration could be established. On 20 july 1905, lord curzon issued an order dividing the province of bengal into two parts i. The bengal partition,background,partition,political crisis. Eastern bengal and assam with a population of 31 mn and the rest of bengal with a population of 54 mn. Why the hindu oppose the partition of bengal between 1905 and 1911. Why was bengal of british india partitioned in 1905.

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