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Ic t the naval flight surgeons pocket reference to aircraft mishap investigations 6 ed, naval safety center 1. This policy provides a formalized mechanism of human factors feedback to the unit commander. Chief of naval operations aviationrelated safety awards ref. All navy activities, commands, personnel, and contractors under the direct supervision of government personnel shall apply the orm principles and process in all activities in order to optimize mission success and maintain readiness. A manual omits a step calling for an oring to be installed inadequate processes. Naval operations special assistant for safety matters opnav. To issue policies and provisions of the naval aviation safety program. Air training and operating procedures standardization natops manuals. Symbol opnav 37521 is assigned to the mishap investigation report required by paragraph 703. It is conducted solely for safety purposes and is independent of any other investigation or board. Chambers should be placed in proximity to the dive. Assign only graduates of aviation safety school who are naval aviators or naval flight officers.

The office of the chief of naval operations opnav, director, air warfare n98 is responsible for the administration and management of airspace requirements for the navy. Sndl a1 immediate office of the secretary of the navy a2a department of the navy staff offices less jag a5 chief of. Symbol opnav 3750 21 is assigned to direct enemy action mishap report required by paragraph 515. November 29, 2001 n09f naval aviation safety program purpose. Chapter 1 introduction and guide for using the naval. Keel laying, launching, trial, and commissioning, as well as current antenna riggings of each. The online documents in the department of the navy issuances system have been grouped in folders.

Retention symbols assigned to reporting requirements, imposed by this instruction, pertain to completed. The naval flight surgeons pocket reference to aircraft mishap investigation 5a. Safety investigation report sir 3750 1 through sir 3750 16 are included in appendix n. The natops program is a positive approach toward improving combat readiness and achieving a substantial reduction in the aircraft mishap rate.

The instructions follow the appropriate standard subject identification code ssic. Activities are responsible for verifying the current status of any directive being used. Performing organization names and addresses naval safety center code 14, command flight surgeon, 375 a street, norfolk, va. Symbol opnav 375020 is assigned to the mishap data. Symbol opnav 3750 20 is assigned to the mishap data report required by paragraph 503. Ancillary air crew training must follow the provisions of this instruction. Opnav 37104 284 naval aircraft flight record 0107lf0371020 note. The format, scope and content of this revision differ so significantly from superseded instruction that it would not be.

Pocket reference to aircraft mishap investigation 5th edit. Pocket reference to aircraft mishap investigation the naval safety center, aeromedical division in conjunction with dedicated aerospace medicine professionals fifth edition 2001. Latent management conditions that can contribute to an active failure includes both organizational and supervisory. Appendix c provides the latest referenced directives in use at time of publication of the namp. Identify and mark per this chapter and forward all vi products, original negatives, film scraps, test and scrap prints to the senior member of the aviation mishap board amb as outlined in opnavinst 3750. The naval aviation safety program opnavinst 3750 specifies. Page 1 of 6 attachment 17 dod accidentmishapincident. Chapter 1 provides a general description of the naval aviation safety program. Appendix a provides definitions of commonly used terms and acronyms used in this.

To issue a single policy directive for mishap and safety investigation reporting and record keeping by all navy. Executive summary to usn dive manual revision 7 draft. Chief of naval operations all ships and stations subj. Military personnel are subject to disciplinary action under the uniform. To publish policy and guidelines for the conduct of human factors councils hfcs and human factors boards hfbs within the naval air training command natracom. The navip includes information in the form of visual or pictorial representation either with or without sound and encompasses the department ofdefense dod term. Letter of promulgation navosh program manual cmc safety. Code title 10section ageneral military law e navmedcominst 5360. Subsequent information is arranged in the sequence in which it is normally needed. Commands, units, and activities are required to obtain vidoc of the following.

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