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Bill gates reads about 50 books every year, mark cuban reads three hours every day, mark zuckerberg resolved to read 24 books in a year, and warren. These 5 books are so good, they kept me up reading long past bedtime. In a brand new blog post, the billionaire inventor and philanthropist has shared his five favorite books of 2014 many of which touch on todays prevailing economic issues and business trends. In account settings, click the toggle switch next to send me updates from bill. The gates foundation focuses primarily on progressing healthcare, so it comes as no surprise that one of bill gates favorite books is about how to eradicate disease. Microsoft founder bill gates attends a session at the annual meeting of the world economic forum wef in davos, january 24, 2014. Bill gates top five books of 2014 include graeme simsion.

Bill gates explains his choices for the best books of 2016. We seek to unlock the possibility inside every individual. Bill gates does this yearly see more here also gates list is below but first we compiled a list recently of top books based on our readers, recommended by famous investors etc. Book suggestion from outstanding entrepreneurs, great politicians, people you admire.

Lego bill gates reveals his favorite books of 2014 cnet. Books business adventures why bill gatess favourite book is back at the top of the bestseller lists it is 43 years old and was out of print for ages, but the microsoft moguls approval has. When we asked bill gates to curate a list of his favorite talks, his first response was, there are too many to pick, really. Secrets behind the success of the microsoft billionaire. Actually, this book was so important to bill gates that he made a short video about it. The primary goals of the foundation are, globally, to enhance healthcare and reduce. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the biography of bill gates. Not all were necessarily published this year, as gates notes, but all were thoroughly enjoyed by the microsoft founder in 2014 sometimes i fall behind and dont get to a book until well after its been published. In this article, we will talk about the books list you can read which bill gates personally. Of all 186 books bill gates has ever recommended on his personal blog, six leadership books get special attention. Unlike many other best books lists, the cofounder of microsoft corp. Based on accounts by the daughter of a microsoft spin doctor and a year veteran microsoft developer, it gives the scoop on microsofts history from the early 80s to. Bill gates is the founder and former ceo of microsoft.

Check out his recommendations from your local library or spring for them at the. In 2014, he was named one of the 40 under 40 by the baltimore business journal. And so we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals around the world. Bill gates says that he reads more than 50 books a year. Secrets behind the success of the microsoft billionaire biographies of famous people series kindle edition by walters, steve. He inspires me to read non fiction which is not my cup of tea. The book was published in 2010, so its not totally up to date most notably, weve made progress with rolling out bed nets since then, gates wrote in 2014. Philanthropist bill gates recommends five favorite books he read this year.

Bill gates shares his list of best books he read in 2014. As usual with my yearend lists see 20 and 2014, not all the books came out this year. In a 2016 interview at the new york times, bill gates said that reading is. This book quickly became one of bill gates favorite business books. From the education of students in chicago, to the health of a young mother in nigeria, we are catalysts of human promise everywhere. The microsoft cofounder and one of the worlds richest men lists his favorite reads of the year. How bill gates summer reading list compares to amazon. At ted2010, bill gates unveils his vision for the worlds energy future, describing the need for miracles to. Bill gates is widely known to be a voracious reader, and lifelong learner. One of ten books gates recommended in 2014, the book introduces. William henry gates iii born october 28, 1955 is an american business magnate, software developer, investor, and philanthropist. Bill gates creates instant book hit by revealing favourite business reading. Bill gates has transformed from man to lego to share the best books he read in 2014, including one published in the 60s and one thats not yet released.

Top 10 favorite books from billionaire warren buffett. Technology innovator and philanthropist bill gates is ending the year by compiling a list of the top books he read in 2014. So when he selects just five as his top reads of 2016, its worth taking. Top 9 books recommended by bill gates you must read. Book lists from barack obama, steve jobs, mark cuban, bill gates and others. Reutersdenis balibouse microsoft founder bill gates has included the memoir of a duke divinity school professor who shares her fight with cancer and faith walk among his top five books to read this summer gates, who in past reading lists has included. Here are ten bill gates suggested books that he thinks everyone must read.

Unlike many other best books lists, the cofounder of. Top 10 authorized and unauthorized books on bill gates. Every book recommendation bill gates has ever published time. Favobooks contains book recommendations of famous people. Proclaimed as bill gates favorite book, it has skyrocketed to the top of amazons chart. Bill gates told fortune, my years with general motors is probably the best book to read if you want to read only one book about business. Here are the 44 others he calls the best of this decade published tue, dec 10 2019 12. The five books on my endofyear list will help you start 2020 on a good note. But very few books reach to the top list bill gates recommends at the end of the year. Bill gates 5 favorite books of 2014 reveal secrets of business and. This new york times bestseller was an immediate hit when it was first published. Bill gates just revealed the five best books he read this year. Bill gates just revealed the five best books he read this year, and since they range from an. New york marketwatch bill gates is back with a list of his favorite reads from 2014.

Slide show 6 books bills gates says you should read published. In it, he interviews warren buffet and other highprofile business leaders. A full list of almost 100 bill gates book recommendations over the years along with a discussion. The five best books bill gates read in 2014 marketwatch. The 7 books bill gates wants you to read this summer. Gates calls business adventures by john brooks, for instance.

By bill gates may 20, 2016 for his bookshop and website one grand books, the editor aaron hicklin asked people to name the 10 books theyd take with them if. The authors present a history of microsoft from the early 80s to the present, covering the big projects, both successes and failures, that defined the companys direction. But as i look at the list of the best books i read this year, i see how a. Gates foundation, is an american private foundation founded by bill and melinda gates. Bill gates creates instant book hit by revealing favourite. Bill gates picked these books as the best of 2016 time. Out of all of those, the microsoft founder and bill and melinda gates foundation head just selected six of the best titles hes read in 2015. Bill gates favorite books of 2015 business insider. This year he gave us the chance to share an article he wrote about his favorite books of 2014. Bill gates, who is one of the worlds richest men, doesnt shy away from reading. Buy the best business book bill gates has ever read. Bill gates on reddits ama pinker is a pulitzer finalist and a professor of psychology at harvard, so when he writes about the decline of violence, it matters. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

Bill gates is a very busy man, but as his admirers know, he makes time to. Bill gates lists his 5 favorite books of 2014 fortune. Click through via the link above, and click on the specific book. Bill gates is a very busy man, but as his admirers know, he makes time to read. A geek icon, tech visionary and business trailblazer, gates leadership fueled by his longheld dream that millions might realize their potential through great software made microsoft a personal computing powerhouse and a trendsetter in the internet dawn. Bill gates is best known as microsoft cofounder and leader of the bill and melinda gates foundation, but is an avid reader as well.

Bill gates favorite book recommendations offer quite an eclectic mix. If you check his bio on wikipedia, it says he changed his name from bill gates ii to simply bill gates jr. Barbarians led by bill gates presents a harsher and messier history, sharply questioning microsofts ethics and corporate wisdom while underscoring its fierce will to compete. Bill gates top 5 books of 2017 health data management. A full list of bill gates book recommendations from 2012 to 2019. In a brand new blog post, the billionaire inventor and philanthropist has shared his five favorite books of 2014 many of which touch on todays prevailing. Business adventures by john brooks, capital in the twentyfirst century by thomas piketty, how asia works by joe. A full list of bill gates favorite books in 2019and from. Bill gates recommends christian memoir of prosperity. But as i look at the list of the best books i read this year, i see how a number of them touch on economics and business. Jennifer edstrom and marlin eller were two insiders who wrote this book on the success and sordid details of bill gates company. The bill gates booklist bill gates provides a bookshelf at his official site.

The best books i read in 2014 bill gates gates notes. Learn about the major challenges faced by the health community in disease eradication and what public health is predicted to look like in the future. Of all 186 books bill gates has ever recommended on his personal blog. Starting in 2014, he even began recording short videos to go with his seasonal list check. With the first day of summer coming up on june 21, theres plenty of time to dig into gatess picks. He cites biblical references, grimms fairy tales, and historical true stories about actual whipping boys meant to take lashes on behalf of royal princes.

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